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  • 55.00
    Melon, strawberries and pears
    Create a corner of freshness in your kitchen or give your mom an unexpected gift!
    The nonstandard size allows it to fit in any niche of the kitchen.
  • 60.00


    I can eat a watermelon all summer. I like its taste, its colors and its freshness.

    When I can not eat watermelon, I paint it

  • 100.00

    To paint fruit with watercolors can be a lot of fun.

  • 250.00

    Travel with watercolor is not a typical still-life.
    There are missing the usual fruits, baskets and plates.
    The suitcase symbolizes travels, and flowers transfer colors from the palette to the living world.
    Thanks to my incredible master of watercolor techniques G. Boscaini for the composition and the priceless guidance.

    Grazie, Bosca Boss!