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I love drawing cats.
I love all of them: small, big, fluffy and helpless, strong and aggressive, stupid or cunning, elegant or clumsy, lazy or agile, curious, and playful.
The cat embodies so many contrasts.
Cats providecomfort, but also independence.
Cats are delicate and loving, but they’re also adept predators.
They say that a cat has no owner, she has a home, which she chooses herself.
I feel blessed for the fact that my house has been chosen by a cat many times and has become a home, a shelter, and most importantly – the scene of a magnificent spectacle. Whether she’s sleeping nice and quiet curled up by the fireplace, stretching up in the sunlight by the window, climbing the walls and curtains, stealing sausages from the kitchen (and my plate), or stalking me in a dark corner, the cat isfilling my home with her presence and I will never get tired of her spectacle.
I recognize the light and the dark side of all cats… or do I?

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