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  • 250.00

    Watercolor painting Boats in Marzamemi
    Have you been to Marzamemi, Sicily?
    There the sun shines brighter and the colors are stronger.
    Boats, sea, watercolor …
    Nothing more natural than painting water with watercolors.

  • 300.00

    Watercolor portrait of a girl with a hat

    This is a monochrome portrait.

    It’s a challenge, but it’s also a great pleasure to use only one color.

  • 180.00

    A sweet island home with flowers caressed by the sun.


  • 120.00

    The cat is stretching after a sweet nap.

    Is it time to eat?

  • 250.00

    Travel with watercolor is not a typical still-life.
    There are missing the usual fruits, baskets and plates.
    The suitcase symbolizes travels, and flowers transfer colors from the palette to the living world.
    Thanks to my incredible master of watercolor techniques G. Boscaini for the composition and the priceless guidance.

    Grazie, Bosca Boss!