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  • 200.00

    Pomorie is a small town by the Black Sea in Bulgaria.

    I grew up there.

    I love every corner of the city and the smell of the sea and freshly caught fish.

    The dawn that rises behind the lighthouse is a picturesque image that is repeated every morning.

  • 250.00

    Watercolor painting Boats in Marzamemi
    Have you been to Marzamemi, Sicily?
    There the sun shines brighter and the colors are stronger.
    Boats, sea, watercolor …
    Nothing more natural than painting water with watercolors.

  • 180.00

    Colorful boats at the port of Salo‘, Lake Garda, Italy

    Original watercolor painting


    Autor: Dani Bo

    You can order a new watercolour painting Boats in Salo’ with custom sizes.
    I warn that the new picture will not be an absolute copy of this. 


  • 280.00

    Sea silence is a watercolor painting with vivid colors of the sea.

    The watercolor work represents colorful fishing boats that swim peacefully.

    So the mood is one of peace and serenity and is the perfect gift for you.