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About Daniboart

Dani Bo, drawing and magic

Painting is a magical process that includes these three main spells:

– The magic of the blank white sheet – it is hypnotic magic

– The magic of colours  –  it acts like a nuclear fuel, as an energetic propulsive thrust towards the dreamed direction

– The magic of creation – something is born, the blank white sheet becomes a parallel universe of dreams and colours.

I personally cannot give any explanation for these three spells. Albus Dumbledore won’t give it to me either. DanbiBoArt is the fruit of a childish hobby, thatturned with the years into passion.

Why do I paint? Because I can’t not do it. Painting is a part of my essence. It’s a necessity, as natural as the need for food and sleep.

Why Watercolour? I don’t know, love is blind. I fell in love with watercolour by chance, it was an irreversible lightning strike. And I am faithful to it in the wayone believes in true love.

They say that watercolour is the most difficult to capture … It is said by those who paint with other techniques. Maybe so, I do not know. For me it is simply the only one.

This site is a portal for sharing my crazy watercolour love with you. I hope to infect you and immerse you in the joy of colors and shapes.